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Fringe “In Absentia”                              Principal                   Series, Jeannot Szwarc / Fox

Alcatraz “Johnny McKee”                     Actor                        Series, Bad Robot / Brad Turner

Supernatural “In The Beginning”         Principal                   Series, Steve Boyum / CWTV

668                                                       Lead                         Indie Short, Brad Mear / Rubber Blanket Prod.

Lucille’s Ball                                         Actor                        Feature, Lulu Keating, Red Snapper

Helix                                                     Principal                    Feature, Eric Petey / Petey Productions

Deranged                                            Principal                    Docu-drama, Boris Ivanov / TLC

Henchpeople, Ep5,6                           Guest Star                 Webseries, Redsquare Collective

Collecting Dust                                  Principal                     Indie Short, Nostra / Randy McNally Productions

Cruel & Unusual                                  Principal                    Virtual Stage / Andy Thompson

In The Woods                                      Lead                          Indie Short, Alyson Hargraves / ITW

Kidnapped for 18 years                     Lead                          Docu-drama, Boris Ivanov / TLC

1132 Pleasant Street                         Principal                     Feature, Norm Fassbender, (NY Indie Film Fest)

BC Stories “Fraser’s River”                    Fraser (VO)                Vignette, Knowledge Network

BC Stories “Birth of Vancouver”           Gassy Jack (VO)        Vignette, Knowledge Network

BC Stories “Frontier Justice”                Begbie (VO)              Vignette, Knowledge Network

BC Stories “54-40 or Fight”                 Douglas (VO)            Vignette, Knowledge Network




Suddenlink “Trumpet” (Commercial)     Lead                       Regional, USA

Risk Assessment                                      Principal                  Educational Series, Opus 59 Films

From The Frames                                     Lead                       Educational Short, Capilano College

Sleepwalk                                                 Lead                       Short, Northram Films, John Northram

Drugs, Sex & Honey                                Principal                  VFS, Kathleen Lane

Diamond Mindz                                       Principal                  New Image College

Jeans Day (Commercial)                           Principal                  Regional, BC

The Taxi (Commercial)                              Principal                 National (Norway)

Multiculturalism & You                           Principal                 Educational Series, ACCESS

Baking a Better Science                           Lead                      Educational Series, ACCESS

Surviving the Job Interview                    Lead                      Industrial Series, VICOM




Faustmachine                                       Dr. Unblutig           Walking Fish / Anna Springate-Floch

Bad King John                                       France                    7 Tyrants / David Newham

3 Rings for Michelle                             Joe                         Stone’s Throw / Pacific Theatre

The Alchemist                                       Surly                       Ensemble Theatre / Tariq Leslie

The China Tea Deal                               Captain                  7 Tyrants / David Newham

Coriolanus                                             Ensemble              Mad Duck / Jack Paterson

The Verona Project                               Capulet                  Stone’s Throw / Evan Frayne

A Tomb With A View                             Marcus                   Up In The Air / Amanda Lockitch

Comfort                                                                 Mike                       Rogue Insomniacs / Gordon Portman




 A few reviews from various productions I’ve been involved in…

 ”Young is a very likable performer with excellent timing and the requisite rubber physicality” – Vue Weekly, review for “Thinking With Jerome”

“Grace, a futuristic look at AIDS prison camps that recieved (and deserved) a standing ovation at its opening performance. The cast, especially Troy Anthony Young, were splendid” – Edmonton Bullet, review for “Grace”

“The cast consits of a very convincing, deliciously played Nick Veranda – courtesy of Troy Anthony Young” -Bricklayer, review for “Mike Mallet Private Eye”

“The beauty of “Comfort” also lies in the extraordinary chemistry between the actors. Kirsten Kilburn – as Sara – is mesmerizing. She is one of the most talented actresses I have seen in a long time. Troy Anthony Young – as Mike – is not scared to lay his emotions bare for audience members to see. Their performance will change you for ever.” review of “Comfort” at Winnipeg Fringe.

 ”Troy Anthony Young, as head of the Capulet household, actually had me thinking of Marlon Brando in The Godfather and the underlying intensity that allowed him to easily command respect.” – review of “The Verona Project”

 ”The last play was the best: a one-man performance directed by Anna Springate-Floch and performed by Troy Anthony Young who looked and played the part to the T of a Nazi medical doctor, loyal to the Fuhrer, and doing his job of extermination extremely well.” – review of “Faustmachine”

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